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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Contact: Lacy MacAuley, Global Justice Action, (202) 445-4692, globaljusticeaction ( at ) gmail.com

People’s Summit to Take Place in Streets Outside G20
Events Offer Fair Alternatives to Elite, Closed-Door Summit on Global Economy

Washington, DC – Activists, concerned citizens, and stakeholders in the global economy will converge on Washington DC outside the G20 economic summit and conduct a People’s Summit to offer a vision of an inclusive, sustainable, people-centered economy that works for all the world’s families. These street actions occur as elite leaders of the richest countries on earth convene behind closed doors to try to steer the future of the global economy in their direction in a summit of historic proportions, a summit that has been called a “new Bretton Woods.”

“We call for real, structural changes that put people’s needs over the need for profit, in the context of real democracy,” stated David Thurston of Casa de Maryland. “We demand policies that create jobs for working people, US born and immigrant alike, that build socially and environmentally sustainable communities.”

Events at the People’s Summit include a People’s Banquet with free meals to occur on Friday evening, the same evening that Bush will wine and dine with G20 leaders. They include an inclusive rally and a festive, celebratory march on Saturday to celebrate an end to our unequal global economy, followed by a People’s Forum which will focus on the impacts of the global economy here in Washington DC and in cities and villages in all countries. Schedule of Events is below.

“This weekend we meet amidst free music, free food, and free art to celebrate a life beyond the unequal global economic system,” said Legba Carrefour of Global Justice Action. “While the global economic system falters and the G20 countries act to protect their wealth, the people are building a better world, one that places people and planet before profit, in the streets right outside their expensive buildings. A better world is possible, and we are creating it with our own hands while we demand that the global economic system be transformed to reflect the will of the people.”

Approximately 40 events so far have been scheduled in Washington DC outside the G20, and there will be street protests in dozens of countries around the world. Unifying points of the events can be summarized in three concepts: new ideas, people over profit, and democracy now.

1) New Ideas! Now is the time to present alternative visions for society. Real changes must be structural so that this cannot happen again.
2) People Over Profit! We need a world that puts peoples’ needs first, that respects and promotes human rights and social and environmental justice. We need decent jobs, sustainable livelihoods, and essential services such as health care, education, housing, water services and
clean energy.
3) Democracy Now! Give people control over resources and the decisions that affect their lives.

The coalition launching the protests includes the Students for a Democratic Society, American Friends Service Committee, Casa de Maryland, Global Justice Action, Institute for Policy Studies, Jobs with Justice, Jubilee, and USAction and its online project, TrueMajority.org, and the Washington Peace Center.

Schedule of Events

Friday, November 14th
4:30pm DC Students for a Democratic Society will be at the Department of Education for the Student Power for Accessible Education Day of Demands. They’ll be rallying outside it with hopscotch and jump rope and showing the world how student debt is connected to the credit crunch, as well as delivering a letter to the Department of Education with representatives from DC area high schools and universities.
5:30pm Music, 6pm Speakers People’s Banquet in Lafayette Park. While Bush is hosting a gala dinner for the G20 delegates at the White House, we will be holding a People’s Banquet, a feast for those left hungry and out in the cold by US economic policies. We’re also planning a Really Really Free Market and a rally to show how mutual aid can overcome local neoliberalism.

Saturday, November 15th
10am Gather for Speakers, Rally and Carnival at Murrow Park
Noon March leaving from Murrow Park.
2pm-8pm People’s Forum at Luther Place Church, 1226 Vermont Ave NW. While the G20 has their summit, we’ll be holding our own to learn how the financial crisis happened, discuss alternatives to capitalism, and come together as a movement to figure out how to get from where we are to where we want to be.

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For more info, go to globaljusticeaction.wordpress.com or email globaljusticeaction@gmail.com

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