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Friday, November 14
5pm – 7pm
Lafayette Square
16th St. and H St. NW
Farragut West train station

On Friday, November 14th, President Bush held a gala dinner at the White House before the G20 summit, where leaders from 20 of the world’s largest economies would attempt to find a solution to the financial crisis. Prompted over concern for corporate financial interests, there was little hope these talks would do anything but further the exploitation of poor and working class people around the world, who have felt the disastrous effects of these policies on their quality of life for years. Local struggles over affordable housing, homelessness, quality education, and immigrant and worker’s rights are just a microcosm of the same war being waged around the world in the name of neoliberal capitalism. It’s time to stand up and demand that human needs be valued above corporate profit and greed.

In this spirit, the newly formed DC group Global Justice Action hosted a free People’s Banquet in Lafayette Square on Friday, November 14th from 5-7pm to provide dinner for those in DC most affected by our government’s economic policies, along with speakers and music.

Co-Sponsored by Global Justice Action, Casa de Maryland, the Washington Peace Center, Jobs with Justice, and DC Students for a Democratic Society

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