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Who We Are

GLOBAL JUSTICE ACTION is a group organizing in opposition to the G20’s (Group of 20 Industrialized Nations) November 15 Summit on Financial Crisis and the World Economy in Washington, DC.

With the unfolding financial collapse on everyone’s mind, the major powers want to “refound capitalism” and try to breathe life into the ideas that have failed us for the last 60 years.

We’re here to show the world that this system is broken and present the human and democratic alternatives to constant crisis and precarity that aren’t just viable but are essential for our very survival.

Check here for news about our own summit to build democracy and prosperity and remake the world, to get information about protests and events we’re organizing, and learn about how capitalism has failed us and what better ideas we’ve got.

GLOBAL JUSTICE ACTION is an independent, anti-capitalist, non-hierarchical group of community members and activists that isn’t funded by or connected to any partisan political group, government, or major non-profit.

To contact us, please call Samantha Miller at 818-419-6994 or Legba Carrefour at 202-297-4511. You can e-mail us at globaljusticeaction ( at ) gmail.com

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