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Solidarity Statement from G20 Resistance in Australia November 13, 2008

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Pretty inspiring stuff. Late last night, we received a solidarity statement from the Mutiny anarchist collective, based in Sydney ,Australia. Among other amazing work they do, Mutiny has helped coordinate support for individuals still jailed after demonstrations against the G20 in Melbourne.

Mutiny is an anarchist collective from Sydney, Australia. Some information about us is available here: http://www.jura.org.au/mutiny

We’re writing to send solidarity to people involved in global protests against the G20 meeting in Washington DC and around the world on November 15. In a very small way, we also want to help open up spaces of communication between those struggling against capitalism all over the world.

A number of people from our collective were involved in direct actions and protests against the G20 in Melbourne, Australia in 2006. There was a savage response by the police and the state to these: approximately 30 people were arrested, with charges of riot across the board. One person is currently serving a 28 month sentence in prison, and there has been ongoing solidarity work to support those targeted. Our collective was also specifically singled out by the corporate media as being ‘bad protestors’ responsible for ‘violence’.

Here are some links about experiences and reflections from resisting the G20 to check out if you’re interested:

For discussion of the protest-



For information about arrestee solidarity-


For pictures-


Best wishes & good luck,


It’s empowering to know that we’re part of a truly global movement and we wish our Australian friends all the best and hope for justice for those taken from us by police.

Come join us this weekend and rock out like this woman here, blowing bubbles against capitalism at the G20 protests in 2006, Melbourne, Australia. We are global, we are everywhere, we are winning!

Bubbles Against Capitalism

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